GM PHARMA’s manufacturing site in Tbilisi is the largest pharmaceutical plant in the Caucasus region, where the full manufacturing cycle is carried out through the newest technologies – from raw materials to the finished product. The basic formulation processes currently carried out in the factory are Blending, Granulation, Tableting, Tablet coating, Capsule filling, Bottle filling, Sachet filling and Blister and Bottle packaging. The company holds international certificates, permits, and licenses required for pharmaceutical manufacturing, such as: Good Manufacturing Practice – National GMP (Georgia), Quality Management – ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17025:2017/2018, Good Manufacturing Practice – GMP PIC/S (International), as well as, US Dietary Supplement Safety Inspection (NSF International) – NSF/ANSI.

GM PHARMA is constantly monitored by independent auditors from the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union.


Production Factsheet – 2023 9M    
Personnel (Production & Total)  54 / 358

Total Production Area     741 m2
Produced bulk (batches) 371

Produced bulk (mln units) 127.3
Packed  (batches) 626

Packed (mln units) 173.0
Packed (thous. packs) 10.151


GM PHARMA's manufacturing plant is equipped with modern machinery and laboratory equipment made by the world's leading companies: Bosch, Fette, Uhlmann, Hüttlin, Ima, Bohle, Servolift, Skinetta, Enflex, Erweka, Millipore, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Shimadzu, Agilent technologies, Stilmas, etc


Warehous at manufacturing facility
Warehouse capacity 1056 pallets
Lilo Warehouse – Modernized & renovated in 2023
Warehouse capacity 4000 pallets



In 2018, a new certified Research and Development Laboratory was established in GM PHARMA, which includes Process Development and Maintenance Laboratory (Technological Laboratory) and Analytical Development Laboratory. The Technological Laboratory is designed and fully equipped with modern laboratory-scale production equipment, which allows us to work on new dosage forms of medicinal products, innovative combinations and polypills.
GM PHARMA actively cooperates with European scientific and research centers and uses their experience in the production of its products.
In cooperation with European scientific centers, GM PHARMA aims to produce innovative combinations of drug products in Georgia.

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