GM PHARMA takes the next step in technological advancement

GM PHARMA takes the next step in technological advancement

International pharmaceutical company GM PHARMA has purchased a container blender PM 600 from German company L.B Bohle for its Tbilisi manufacturing facility. L.B. Bohle, founded in 1981, is a global acting manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry. As the leading innovative technology company, B.L. Bohle offers machines for the pharmaceutical solids production and develops processes for achieving production excellence. 

Container blender is an essential manufacturing equipment in the pharmaceutical industry – it is commonly used for mixing and granulation of micronized powders to ensure effective and consistent granulation. The goal of this process is to produce a homogenous mixture of ingredients, which serves as an intermediate product for the next step of manufacturing – tablet compression or capsule filling. In the production of pharmaceutical solids, the homogeneity of the mixture is a critical process, and it means an even distribution of all components in the mixture, which, in turn, leads to efficiency and high quality of finished (medicinal) products. 

Container Blender PM 600 is based on the world-famous revolutionary technology of B.L Bohle. The design of the container blender guarantees excellence in homogenous blending.  Its innovative patented mechanism allows dead-zone-free mixing of components and enables continuous and versatile motion of the entire mass in any point of the container.  The blending operation is a fully contained and closed process – PM 600 is equipped with special containment flaps, which prevents contamination of the mixture with dust and extraneous particles from the environment.  At the same time, a separate operator panel prevents the operator from contamination with product during the whole blending process.

One more great advantage of PM 600 is adjustable mixing speed -  the machine can operate at very slow rotational mixing speeds, which is essential for gentle mixing. 

In addition to blending, PM 600 serves as a storage container as well, and it can be used for transporting the mixture to the other container.  The machine can adapt to various container size. Accordingly, with different sized containers purchased by GM PHARMA from L.B. Bohle, it will be possible to mix mass within the range from 6 to 408 kg, and use the container blender for R&D as well as production needs. Containers of various sizes can be easily mounted on the machine, which enables to clean used containers outside the production area; consequently, this eliminates the risk of contamination of the production area and significantly reduces the costs associated with cleaning.

PM 600 has three times the capacity of similar equipment currently available at GM PHARMA, which allows for a significant increase in productivity.

GM PHARMA is focused on applying latest technologies  and cutting edge equipment, on continuous optimization and modernization of manufacturing processes, as well as on the creation and development of products relevant for modern medicine. The product list of GM PHARMA includes pharmaceuticals products recommended by treatment regimen of recent years and international or national guidelines. 

More than 12 million patients are treated with GM PHARMA products in Georgia and the company's international, export markets every year, which shows the recognition of the company by consumers and healthcare specialists.

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