GM PHARMA takes the next step in technological advancement  

GM PHARMA takes the next step in technological advancement  

GM PHARMA has completed the installation of MINI-PACTOR®, a premium dry granulation machine from GERTEIS, a Swiss manufacturer of advanced technology, at Tbilisi manufacturing facility. The machine has been installed by GERTEIS dry granulation specialist together with process engineers, technicians and production specialists of GM PHARMA. The machine has successfully passed the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) procedure as well. 

MINI-PACTOR® is a dry granulation machine, which is widely used in pharmaceutical industry for both, drug product development and scale-up from development to full-size production. With its processing capacity ranging from 10g to 100kg/hour, MINI-PACTOR® is the ideal dry granulation system that can be equally effectively used in the development and manufacturing of medicinal products.

The Research and Development Department of GM PHARMA intends to develop drug products in the future that will require the use of MINI-PACTOR® dry granulation system. This machine will enable GM PHARMA to manufacture a much wider range of medicinal products. For instance, the product list will be expanded to include extended-release drug products, as far as mini-pactor offers particle size distribution and use of excipients with the pharmaceutical intermediates so that to achieve prolonged release of the drug substance from the finished product. Consequently, it will allow for once-daily dosing of the drug product.

MINI-PACTOR® enables the company to develop and manufacture moisture- and temperature-sensitive medications that are virtually impossible to manufacture by wet granulation; in addition, there are pharmaceutical substances which have a low melting point and this dry granulation system can be used for manufacturing of medications containing such substances too.

MINI-PACTOR® improves the flowability of pharmaceutical intermediates derived from APIs with inherently poor flow or small particle size; without the use of a dry granulator, tableting or capsule-filling of such substances and bulk intermediates is practically impossible. MINI-PACTOR® will also be extensively used in manufacturing of drug products with API content less than 20% of the total tablet mass; the dry granulation machine will ensure content uniformity and uniformity of mass for the drug products like this. 

GERTEIS is the market leader for premium dry granulation equipment. It co-operates with leading pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Bayer, GSK, Roche and others.

GM PHARMA is focused on applying latest technologies, implementing the latest manufacturing methods, as well as on the creation and development of products relevant for modern medicine. 

The product list of GM PHARMA includes innovative medicinal products recommended by treatment regimen and guidelines of recent years. 

Every year, more than 12 million patients are treated with GM PHARMA’s medicinal products and food supplements in Georgia and international markets of the company (in export countries), which shows the recognition of the company by consumers and healthcare specialists.


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