GM PHARMA has joined the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham)

GM PHARMA has joined the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham)

GM PHARMA has joined the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham). American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) is the largest international business chamber in Georgia with more than 230 company members. Founded in 1998, AmCham's primary objective is to promote US - Georgia ties, strengthen strategic partnerships and improve the business environment in Georgia. The organization actively cooperates with the Georgian government to support business sector through fostering improvement of the legal framework and investment climate for the activities of the Chamber of Commerce members, and facilitating business and government links.

GM PHARMA is an international, multinational pharmaceutical company with medicines and food supplements manufactured in GMP-certified manufacturing plants in Western European countries (Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, etc.) and in its own GMP-certified manufacturing plant in Georgia. GM PHARMA’s manufacturing site in Tbilisi, Georgia, is the largest pharmaceutical plant in the Caucasus region, where a complete cycle of solid dosage manufacturing is carried out. 

GM PHARMA's manufacturing plant is equipped with modern machinery and laboratory equipment made by the world's leading companies: Gerteis, Bohle, Korsch, Fette, Uhlmann, Huttlin, Servolift, IMA, Erweka, Agilent, Waters, Stilmas, Milipore, etc.

The company holds national and international certificates, permits and licenses required for pharmaceutical manufacturing: Good Manufacturing Practice – National GMP (Georgia), Good Manufacturing Practice – GMPPIC/S (International), Quality Management – ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17025:2017/2018, US Dietary Supplement Safety Inspection (NSF International) – NSF/ANSI

With >140 brands and >230 dosage forms in its portfolio, GM PHARMA holds one of the broadest product portfolio in the region covering almost all dosage forms and therapeutic areas, including a wide range of food supplements. GM PHARMA exports more than 100 products globally and has representative offices in 7 countries.

More than 12 million patients are treated with GM PHARMA products in Georgia and the company's international, export markets every year, which shows the recognition of the company by consumers and healthcare specialists.

GM PHARMA actively cooperates with European research centres and applies their expertise and experience to manufacture its own products in Georgia. The company has a successful Research and Development (R&D) department that works on new  generics, new dosage forms of medicinal products, innovative combinations and polypills.  Currently, 13 new products are at various stages of development in the R& D Department of the Company. 

GM PHARMA is focused on continuous growth and development. The company's future plans include investment in latest technologies to expand manufacturing capacity to products like ampoules, lyophilized vials and oral liquids, to develop innovative dosage forms and products relevant to modern medicine, and to enter the new pharmaceutical markets; also, to strengthen the focus on manufacturing and searching for the medicines that have no analogues in Georgian and export markets of GM PHARMA. 

GM PHARMA’s membership in AmCham, as well as the resources, a broad network of contacts and a solid reputation of the Chamber of Commerce are all additional opportunities to realize the company’s strategic plans, including the company's export goals like  expanding into international markets and launching operations in the European Union, South-East Asia, South and Central America. GM PHARMA’s membership in the American Chamber of Commerce will enable the Company to contribute more to the advancement of the pharmaceutical, healthcare and business environment in general, strengthening the export-oriented economy of the country.  

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