GM PHARMA at the World’s Leading Forum for the Process Industries (ACHEMA 2024)

GM PHARMA at the World’s Leading Forum for the Process Industries (ACHEMA 2024)

In June 2024, GM PHARMA, an international pharmaceutical company, participated in ACHEMA 2024, the world’s leading forum for the process industries. 

ACHEMA 2024 took place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. More than 2,840 companies from 56 countries exhibited their industrial products at this leading industrial forum; the fact that 106,001 participants from 141 countries registered at the exhibition highlights the magnitude of the forum even more. This year, the focus was on global innovation themes like digital and green innovations, the latest equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, laboratory equipment, clean hydrogen technologies, and other issues. These themes shape the future of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries by encouraging them to adopt innovative technologies and approaches that reduce environmental impact, optimize resource use, and enhance product quality and safety.

Participation in an international exhibition of this scale is more than just finding new partners; it is the best platform to acquire the latest and most innovative equipment as well. In this regard, participation in ACHEMA 2024 proved fruitful for GM PHARMA; the company representatives became familiar with numerous technological innovations and pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment. In addition, they purchased two new machines for the Tbilisi facility from “IMA”, the world-famous Italian manufacturer: “ADAPTA 100” capsule filler and “HERMETICA 100” capsule banding machine for tamper-evident capsule sealing. Both are high-tech machines with innovative and unique features that will significantly increase GM PHARMA's production capacity. Depending on their operational capability, the machines will allow the company to develop and manufacture new medicinal products. 

“ADAPTA 100” capsule filler is the only machine of this type not only in Georgia but also in neighboring countries. The device can dose both liquids and solid dosage forms – powder, pellets, tablets, micro tablets, minitablets, tablets, oblongs, capsules, or their combinations into hard gelatin capsules of different sizes. The machine is designed to dose any combination of the above dosage forms into the same capsule, as it is equipped with three interchangeable dosing units, giving the possibility of a shift between different filling combinations. 

Multi-product dosing at high speed (100,000 capsules/hour) and 100% weight control are the hallmarks of the machine that is unique in the market. Its flexible configuration and automatic capsule filler minimize operator involvement in the workflow and protect the products from dust and foreign particles. 

“HERMETICA 100” is a machine born from extensive practical experience. It fits the purpose of sealing capsules filled with liquid, and therefore, prevents leakage in liquid-filled capsules. The machine applies a liquid gelatin ring to the external surface of the capsule and ensures 100% sealing of it. “HERMETICA 100” has an ergonomic layout, guaranteeing maximum visibility and best accessibility to each phase of the process. The operating speed (100,000 capsules/hour) and other parameters of HERMETICA 100 are fully in line with the parameters of “ADAPTA 100”, which ensures process synergy for both machines.

“IMA”, an Italian company established in 1961, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, tea, and coffee. Currently the company has 54 production plants in Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, the UK, the USA, India, Malaysia, China, and Argentina. The company sells its products in more than 80 countries around the world.

GM PHARMA is focused on applying the latest technologies and cutting-edge machines, continuous optimization and modernization of manufacturing processes, as well as the creation and development of products relevant to modern medicine. The product list of GM PHARMA includes innovative medicinal products recommended by international and national treatment regimens and guidelines of recent years. 

More than 12 million patients are treated with GM PHARMA products in Georgia and the company's international, export markets every year, which shows the recognition of the company by consumers and healthcare specialists.

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